Sourcing Potential Delivering Talent



Many of you will be familiar with the story; you take on experienced consultants, upon interview their energy is great, their previous billings compelling but when they join your business – it just doesn’t work.

They talk about “what they did at X company” but they don’t get on the phone; they struggle to adapt to your culture and ultimately don’t bill; or, you hire a bright but inexperienced person who falls at the first hurdle, often because you don’t have the time, people or resources to train and develop them fully.

What if we could resolve that problem for you? What if we could provide you with, fresh, newly trained & credible consultants?

Based in Nottingham we are surrounded by some of the best undiscovered talent in the country, but experience has taught us that there is little resource available in terms of a dedicated training facility for people wanting to get into the industry. To address this need, we have developed, “The Recruitment Training Academy”.

The Academy has been created to deal with the burning recruitment industry need for, well trained, top quality sales driven recruitment consultants.