Boot Camp

We provide all successful applicants with the opportunity to undertake a bespoke, recruitment immersion course.

Our training goes well beyond simply teaching you to use recruitment software and make a few calls. We give you the soft skills, the recruitment best practice knowledge, sales knowledge and a strategic plan only available from those who have been there, seen it and done it. Our trainer and Directors have over 60 years of experience across different sectors between them and know what it takes to deliver sales hungry consultants.

Offering a blended learning approach involving a combination of traditional classroom style training with a hands on modern twist,  you will be given time to “get real” by going live with tasks and implementing your learning on the shop floor from early in the onset of the program. This gives you the chance to cement that learning and really get inside what it is to be a recruiter.
Now back to the twist – All RTA training takes place at an operational recruitment company, not in a sterile classroom environment where you’ll require cocktail sticks to keep your eyes open!

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, upon graduation you will not only have the opportunity to attain an industry specific qualification, but you will also have billed and be ready for your own recruitment market.

So the next question has to be… where do you sign up?!